The pro's guide to analysing your visitor feedback

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The pro's guide to analysing your visitor feedback

30-Jun-2015 by: Sophie Holt

Our research team analyse the results of hundreds of post event feedback surveys every year.  So we got Olly Watts, our head of research to step away from his charts for a few minutes to share his advice on analysing your Explori delegate surveys quickly and effectively.

So Olly, where do you start?

To get a quick overview, head to the question – How likely are you to recommend [event name] to a friend or colleague in the industry? We call this Net Promoter Score (NPS) – it captures even quite subtle changes in how well your event is performing.

I will also skim read any verbatim comments to get a flavour for any issues that might need further investigation.

How can you dig deeper into the data?

There are two techniques that help bring the data to life – filtering to let you view your event through the eyes of one segment of your delegates, and cross-tabbing which allows you to compare two different variables such as overall satisfaction by industry type.

If you are working in Explori, you can use the wizard on the left of your screen and there’s a quick overview here.

Using filters in Explori












If you’re not working in Explori, you can use Excel to create a cross-tab by using the pivot table functionality.  Self high-five if you have Office 2013 or later as creating pivot tables just got A LOT easier and will still impress people at parties…

Here’s a guide to the quickest method 

What else can you do with filters and cross-tabs?

If you know what your most important delegate type is (by job title, industry or purchasing authority for example) use cross tabs to compare their experience to your overall performance.  It goes without saying they should have the same or better experience as everyone else.

With this filter still on, you should also check you are meeting their most important objectives in attending.  Read their verbatim comments – is there anything you could be doing better for them?

Not sure who your most valuable delegates are? Use purchasing authority and spend to set up a cross tab – now you can see by organisation type, sector or job title who has the most money to spend with your exhibitors.

How can you create a picture of different delegate experiences?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a really powerful metric.  By creating filters on NPS you can find out who is saying negative things about your event and why.

When asked how likely they are to recommend your event, people who score you between zero and six, we categorise as detractors.  They can actively tell their friends or colleagues not to attend your event.  Scores of nine or ten are promoters, who will recommend their friends and colleagues do attend, whilst seven and eight are neutral and are unlikely to comment on your event at all.

In Explori, you can click on the bars in the chart between zero and six to create a filter showing the responses of only your detractors.  If you were working in Excel you could filter your data in small chunks to get snapshots of your responses.

You can now scroll through your report, seeing your event through the eyes of those who wouldn’t recommend it to friends or colleagues.  You can read their free text responses and see what their objectives of attending were and how well your event met them.

Look at likelihood of return – is it going to be harder and more costly to get your detractors to return to your event next year? This can be an important consideration for your marketing budget.

You may discover that your detractors come from a particular industry, or job type - you can use cross tabs to see the impact of losing these visitors.  On the left hand side of your screen, use the cross tab wizard to compare industry as rows and spend as columns – this generates a new table which shows you if your detractors have large budgets to spend with your exhibitors and how important they are to your event.

Net Promoter Score chart in Explori

What would you say are the essential visitor satisfaction metrics to look at?

To get a rounded picture of your event’s performance and solid benchmarking, I would recommend putting the following questions in every survey, then including them in your analysis and reporting.


1. Net promoter score (how likely to recommend)

2. Overall satisfaction

3. Likelihood of return

4. Spend (either at event, or over a set period following the show) – visitor survey only

5. Objectives for visiting/exhibiting met

6. Dwell time

7. Return on investment (money or time)

8. Importance of attending/exhibiting at [event name]

Any other words of wisdom?

If one if your scores has changed by only a few percentage points, don’t be too concerned (or pleased) as there will be small variances in your results each year – especially you have less than 1000 completions of your survey.

And finally - Explori users - export your charts as jpegs and drop them into presentations and marketing material – most people understand results better when they are presented visually



Download your charts as jpegs in Explori












Follow @Olly_Watts and @Explori on twitter to see more tips and blogs on conducting great exhibitor and delegate feedback questionnaires.

Explori client? You can download an Explori-specific guide to analysing your post-show feedback surveys here.



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