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Measure the Impact of your Event Strategy

Explori helps you to understand and contextualize the real value of your events

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Why Explori?

Prove the impact of your event strategy

Explori helps global heads of events to identify which shows are most successful at achieving their business objectives, however you define success.


Establish benchmarks that set each event's success against previous iterations, the whole organization's event portfolio, and the industry standard. Understand where to prioritise investment for maximum returns.

Communicate value to stakeholders

Whether live or virtual, Explori gives you the power to demonstrate the impact of your event strategy on wider company objectives with our powerful presentation-ready reports.

Benchmark success with your Overall Exhibit Score

Senior corporate event leaders need to be able to understand, report and demonstrate the value of their event strategy. But how do you meaningfully capture the impact of hundreds of events in a way that can be easily compared?

Explori gives Marketers an Overall Exhibit Score, a hybrid metric that can be used to easily compare performance across a range of trade shows. Marketers can quickly, and meaningfully, contexualise the performance of their exhibit strategy across a range of shows, understand which events are performing the best, and where to prioritise spend.


Identify which shows best help you achieve your goals

Explori allows senior corporate event leaders to go beyond the number of attendees. With our behavioural, sentiment and cognitive measurement tools, you can discover how effectively your event strategy influences what stakeholders think, feel and do. Which events are great for brand awareness? How about brand perception or generating follow up meetings? With Explori's event measurement methodology, you can find the answers to enhance your event program.

Showcase the impact of your event strategy on business goals

To help event leaders communicate the value of their event strategy, Explori provides presentation-ready reports that highlight the key impact metrics for each show. Share reports easily with stakeholders or provide them with unique logins to view the overall performance of every single event.



Ready to take your event measurement to the next level?


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