Privacy Complaints

Privacy Complaints

Explori Data Privacy Complaint Guide – December 2017

Any privacy issues or complaints must be reported to Explori’s Data Officer (or another member of Explori’s Compliance team if Data Officer is not available) at the earliest possibility.

Explori’s Compliance team consists of:

Oliver Watts – Operations Director – +44 203 8188233

Tom Bishop – Technical Lead – +44 203 8188230


Explori will respond to privacy issues / complaints within 2 working days and will keep in contact with the party issuing the complaint to ensure that the issue is resolved and will not happen again in future.


Explori is a self-service tool; as such Explori are not responsible for any issues where data is sent out by clients / third parties due to human error by the part of clients / third parties. Explori will do everything possible to help with issues caused by clients / third parties sending out data incorrectly.


As per the Service Licence Agreement that Explori has in place with each client before granting access to the platform, the client is responsible for who has access to their data and are responsible for revoking access to users when no-longer required.

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  • With Explori’s reports and analytics, we’re much better equipped to evaluate the customers' satisfaction and needs from our events
    Paul Byrom
    MD, Upper Street Events
  • The level of performance data and customer insight that Explori gives us is invaluable to our business and makes my life easier.
    Matthew Benyon
    MD, easyFairs UK
  • We wanted deeper insight into how our strategies impacted the delegate experience, but found conventional survey tools just couldn't deliver. Moving to Explori has completely changed this.
    Jan Barthelemy
    Head of AU & NZ Digital Marketing dmg events
  • We work with Explori to gain deeper insights into our events. The ability to compare results directly with similar events in our portfolio and against industry standards will be incredibly helpful
    Baris Onay
    Group Marketing & Digital Director, ITE
  • Analysis that could have taken the team days was available within hours of the survey going live. We could immediately see how the new German events had performed, against the context of our existing shows. Information like this is essential for informing future business strategy.
    Austen Hawkins
    MD, F2F Events
  • Robust performance metrics and customer feedback is essential for achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Explori will allow us to reach all our exposition delegates regardless of language or location.
    Art Paredes
    Sr. Director, Global Expos, SEMI
  • Explori helps us gain deep insights into the customer experience across our business. Without it, understanding our key performance metrics would be considerably more challenging.
    Andrew Evans
    (former) MD, Centaur Exhibitions
  • Our expansion plans are about both organic and acquired growth and Explori is key to our ability to understand the health and performance of existing assets, as well as those that we’re looking to acquire.
    Renaud Hamaide
    CEO, Comexposium
  • Explori makes creating and reporting on surveys quick and easy. We are able to work with the team to maximise responses and analyse the results to instantly see how our existing shows are performing. Explori allows us to not only look at the what we must do in the next 10 minutes, but also what we must do over the next 10 years.
    Rikki Bhachu
    Marketing Director, MA Exhibitions

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