Privacy Policy: Prospective Clients

Privacy Policy: Prospective Clients

Your surveys, GDPR and you

From May 2018, any organisation that collects and processes the personal data of EU citizens will need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

We have undertaken a detailed review of our business to ensure we have robust processes in place to support our clients in complying with GDPR and other local data protection legislation.

We recommend our clients seek professional advice to ensure all their activities are compliant.  The information on this page is designed to highlight some areas you may need to consider and help answer your questions, but it shouldn't be considered as definitive advice as every client's situation is different.

How does sending surveys with Explori comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR?

The EU-wide GDPR recognises that organisations must continue to conduct business in-line with their legitimate interests, so long as this is not out-weighed by the potential harm to the privacy of individuals.  Seeking feedback from recent customers on the products or services they received is an example of this legitimate interest and Explori work closely with our clients to ensure any risk of harm to the privacy of individuals is minimal.  Therefore many of our clients will continue to send surveys on the Explori platform on the basis of legitimate interest.

In other instances they may be sending a survey because their audience has given their consent for them to do this.  

If you think neither of these situations apply, please contact Explori to discuss the best way to approach your project.

How will Explori keep my customers' data secure?

Explori uses a number of best practise methods to ensure all the personal and non-personal data held on our platform is secure.  We have successfully passed security due diligence checks to become preferred suppliers to some of the world's biggest live event suppliers.

These include the following:

  • Encrypted passwords for all users
  • User specific permissions - users only have access to data that is relevant to them
  • Secure encrypted servers
  • Automatic deletion of personal data in a timely manner
  • Training for all users who have access to personal data


We ask all our clients to support us in protecting customer data by ensuring their user list is kept up to date and they use our secure upload facilities to place their data into the Explori system.  We do not accept customer data via email.

If you have any specific questions about the data security methods Explori has in place, please contact us.

Do you have a Data Processor Agreement?

Yes, as a minimum we will ask you to sign a mutual agreement as part of your contract which outlines the steps Explori and your organisation both commit to taking to ensure that any data processing that is undertaken is compliant with GDPR and other local data protection legislation.

If you would like to see a copy of this, please contact us.

We will consider putting additional contractual terms in place on your request, or if we believe it is required due to the nature of the project.

Does Explori pass my customer data to anyone else?

Explori will never use your customer data to contact your customers directly, or pass it to a third party with the sole exception outlined below.

If your customer data was collected in Italy, the Middle East or Africa, (for example if it relates to an event or conference in one of these countries/regions) one of our sub-processors may access your data for the purposes of creating your survey insight.  Our sub-processors are carefully selected for their research reputation and bound by the same standards as us - you can find out more information about them here.

If you require your data to be processed solely in the EU you can request this.

Who should I contact if I have a question or complaint?

Data Officer: Olly Watts

Tel: +44 (0)20 3818 8230

Explori Media Ltd

Corinthian House 

17 Lansdowne Rd, Croydon


United Kingdom

We are committed to responding in a timely manner and doing our best to resolve any complaints to the best of our ability.

I received marketing communication from Explori - how do I unsubscribe?

Explori occasionally sends targeted marketing communication to professionals with responsibility for Customer Experience in their organisation and fellow members of industry associations, to inform them about our latest industry research and services.  If you believe you have received one of these communications in error, or you would like to unsubscribe, please follow the link in the email you received or contact us using the details above.

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  • With Explori’s reports and analytics, we’re much better equipped to evaluate the customers' satisfaction and needs from our events
    Paul Byrom
    MD, Upper Street Events
  • The level of performance data and customer insight that Explori gives us is invaluable to our business and makes my life easier.
    Matthew Benyon
    MD, easyFairs UK
  • We wanted deeper insight into how our strategies impacted the delegate experience, but found conventional survey tools just couldn't deliver. Moving to Explori has completely changed this.
    Jan Barthelemy
    Head of AU & NZ Digital Marketing dmg events
  • We work with Explori to gain deeper insights into our events. The ability to compare results directly with similar events in our portfolio and against industry standards will be incredibly helpful
    Baris Onay
    Group Marketing & Digital Director, ITE
  • Analysis that could have taken the team days was available within hours of the survey going live. We could immediately see how the new German events had performed, against the context of our existing shows. Information like this is essential for informing future business strategy.
    Austen Hawkins
    MD, F2F Events
  • Robust performance metrics and customer feedback is essential for achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Explori will allow us to reach all our exposition delegates regardless of language or location.
    Art Paredes
    Sr. Director, Global Expos, SEMI
  • Explori helps us gain deep insights into the customer experience across our business. Without it, understanding our key performance metrics would be considerably more challenging.
    Andrew Evans
    (former) MD, Centaur Exhibitions
  • Our expansion plans are about both organic and acquired growth and Explori is key to our ability to understand the health and performance of existing assets, as well as those that we’re looking to acquire.
    Renaud Hamaide
    CEO, Comexposium
  • Explori makes creating and reporting on surveys quick and easy. We are able to work with the team to maximise responses and analyse the results to instantly see how our existing shows are performing. Explori allows us to not only look at the what we must do in the next 10 minutes, but also what we must do over the next 10 years.
    Rikki Bhachu
    Marketing Director, MA Exhibitions
  • The results of this research and Explori’s views give us and our audiences a new perspective on our events. They reveal areas with scope for improvement which we will be addressing as well as many areas of strength. It's been a highly valuable exercise and we’re looking forward to the challenge of maintaining and building on what we have achieved.
    Carina Bauer
    CEO, The IMEX Group

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