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Virtual Standard Export Format

Welcome to a new chapter in virtual event data...

VSef is a universal data format for hybrid and virtual events.  Developed collaboratively between event organisers and virtual event platforms, VSef helps data move more freely between platforms, business intelligence tools, CRM and marketing systems.  It sets out detailed standards for a range of event metrics and engagement KPIs and how those data points should be formatted for easy transfer between systems.

You can find out more about VSef at the dedicated website vsef.io

Why has VSef been launched?

Most corporate event teams, agencies and expo organisers use a variety of virtual event platforms across their business. However, the data produced by these platforms can vary widely from one vendor to the next. 

  • The job of consuming this essential data into other business systems becomes very challenging 
  • This can create data silos; pots of data that don’t talk to each other or contribute to wider business insight

Where we have siloed data, there are barriers to learning, progress and a better event experience. 

That is why VSef has created a universal data format that enables events to consume consistent data regardless of which platforms they are working with. 

Universal data formats exist in many industries and they offer significant advantages to the end users and vendors alike.

Who is part of VSef?

VSef was launched and is steered by Explori, the leading insights provider for the live events industry.

Founding members include global event organisers and leading event tech platforms,  who have come together to create a shared industry-wide standard. VSef is open to all event organisers and any platform can choose to adopt the standards. The data standards have been developed collaboratively by a working group led by Explori. VSef is a not-for-profit initiative.