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Virtual Standard Export Format

Welcome to a new chapter in virtual event data...

VSef is an agreed set of data export standards for event platforms and organisers.  It is designed to help event organisers move data easily between event platforms, business intelligence tools and their CRM and marketing systems.  It sets out detailed standards for what should be included in a range of event engagement KPIs and how those data points should be formatted for easy transfer between systems.

Why has VSef been launched?

  • What does a good conversion rate look like for virtual events?
  • What’s the average number of meetings?
  • What impact does engagement have on exhibitor satisfaction?

These questions are currently almost impossible for most organisers to answer - especially to know how they perform against an industry benchmark. This is because data often sits in silos between registration systems, apps, meeting platforms, customer experience measurement and CRMs.  It was a problem with live events that has only grown as technology becomes more integral to our events.

VSef aims to break down data silos to create consistent data, unlocking the insights needed to create better event experiences for attendees and exhibitors.  It underpins the creation of data integrations and APIs and will allow meaningful industry benchmarks to build over time.

It makes life easier for event teams to analyse data and compare results between their shows, even if they use different platforms.

Who is part of VSef?

VSef was launched and is steered by Explori, the leading insights provider for the live events industry.

Founding members include ten global event organisers and leading event tech platform partners, who have come together to create a shared industry-wide standard. VSef is open to all event organisers and any platform can choose to adopt the standards. The data standards have been developed collaboratively by a working group led by Explori. VSef is a not-for-profit initiative.

Founding Partners

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