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Explori keeps your valuable customer feedback secure 


  • All client data is confidential and remains safe at all times. 
  • Explori has been designed so that it is impossible for any client to access another client’s data i.e. client accounts are separate and secure from each other.
  • Explori guarantees that it will not expose any client’s data to anyone outside of their own organisation.
  • Each client’s data always remains their own property and clients can export data from the system at any time. All benchmarking surveys and product profile information contribute to Explori's aggregated industry databases which enables us to produce industry benchmarks. This aggregated data is Explori's property exclusively as per the terms of the compulsory licence agreement signed by all clients before any licence is activated. 
  • Explori has the ability to drill down into our aggregated industry data via numerous fields such as: size of show, location of show, venue, sector, age of show etc. Explori guarantees that before any segmented industry analysis is conducted and published/displayed, all measures will be taken to ensure that no client's results are ever identifiable or in any way exposed whatsoever.