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Prove the impact of your events

Great events are an art, but measuring their impact is a science

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Why Explori?

Data to prove the impact of events

Built specifically for events, whether they are live or virtual, Explori helps planners see which events are succeeding at achieving brand engagement, sales intention, employee retention and more.

Improve attendee experience

Use data to hone your event experience to better meet the needs of your attendees - then effortlessly track your improvements, event after event.

Communicate value to stakeholders

Whether live or virtual, Explori gives you the power to demonstrate the impact of your events on wider company objectives with our powerful presentation-ready reports.

Explori harnesses data insights which empower organisers to:

Understand how events change hearts and minds
Evidence how events drive behavioural change
Demonstrate how event teams impact real business goals

Ready to take your event insights to the next level?

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Data to prove the impact of hybrid events

Event organisers across the globe are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the value of their events and make strategic decisions around if and when virtual events should switch back to live. Understanding the impact of an event on attendees, allows planners to determine the effectiveness of their virtual events compared to live and make smarter predictions about the best format to deliver future events.

Explori helps planners create a common language to evaluate the performance of their event portfolios. This includes hybrid metrics such as the Overall Event Score, bringing four key metrics together into a single, tangible score.


Understand the customer journey

Explori integrates with other event technology platforms including registration, CRM and engagement tools to enable event organisers to create a single view of the impact of their events. Combine your registration and app data with your survey data to understand what is helping to drive the desired outcomes for your events.




Communicate value to stakeholders

According to research from ICEINSIGHTS, a key challenge facing Events teams is measuring event performance and impact.  Despite the availability of data with virtual events, planners can struggle to capture event insights in a meaningful way that can be shared with stakeholders.

At Explori we are committed to helping event planners demonstrate impact. It’s why we built a survey platform specifically for the live events industry, with a laser focus on making event reporting more efficient.



The Event Impact Playbook

Are you an in-house corporate event organiser, marketer or agency who wants to use metrics to demonstrate the impact of your events? This is written for you.

In this playbook we share how to set impact metrics, predict attendee behavioural outcomes and use your analysis for strategic planning.