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Made to Measure Episode 1

Survey Myth-Busting

How to get the most from your survey responses?

Made to Measure, a live series by Explori, delivers event insight tailored for meetings and events professionals who are interested in data strategy.

In the first episode of Made to Measure. Chloe is joined by Alex, busting some survey myths commonly asked by the event industry. By using data, they will explain if using surveys is the best way to understand your event attendees experience.


What have I missed in the first episode?

Event surveys are important tools for gathering feedback essential for the success of future events, but not knowing the facts about surveys and how to execute them can backfire.

The first episode in the Made to Measure podcast series, hosted by Chloe Richardson and Alex Temple, reveals some common myths about surveys and how best to get the important feedback you need.


Survey myths

Myth #1: People don’t complete surveys.

If people didn’t complete them, they wouldn’t be such a robust tool and common research methodology. 

Myth #2: Only lovers and haters complete surveys.

Research shows that in the case of post-show online surveys, the majority of responses actually come from those who have neither strongly positive nor negative reactions. 

Myth #3: In-person feedback is better than online survey feedback.

For many reasons, this is not true, including the fact that people will often temper their opinions when speaking to a live interviewer and that it’s best to get feedback from people not during but after they have experienced an entire event.  

Myth #4: Survey data isn’t useful.

If the methodology is done properly, the data can give in-depth insights into how the audience experienced the event and enable you to create a framework to benchmark your company’s event program. 


Survey best practices

  • Market the survey and let people know why their feedback matters
  • Put the survey out not immediately after but within a week of the event
  • Encourage survey participation with a gift card or other incentive that makes sense for the particular audience 
  • Follow e-mail best practices, including a clear subject line.
  • Send out reminders, as sometimes people need an extra nudge 


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Can't get enough?

Watch the second episode of Made to Measure, with Richard and Alex, revealing the secrets of Net Promoter Score, NPS, a metric commonly used by event teams around the world to measure customer loyalty.

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