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Made to Measure Episode 3

New Year, New Me-etings

The top 5 trends that you need to know for 2023

Made to Measure is a live series that delivers digestible event insight tailored for meetings and events professionals.

In the third episode of Made to Measure. Chloe is joined by Alex, revealing the top five trends in 2023 that every event professional should keep an eye on based on research across the industry.




What have I missed in the third episode?

With a buzzword hangover from 2022 and shifted expectations and priorities, the next 12 months will be as rife with changes as the two years before. 

Alex has researched through industry reports, such as the ICE Corporate Event Research sponsored by Cvent, AMEX GBT, and many more. And pulled together an overview of five event trends for 2023.


Top five trends to watch out for in 2023

Trend 1: Sustainability

For event planners, sustainability remains a top priority, with 80% saying their organizations consider sustainability when planning meetings. However, most are worried about the scrutiny that comes with launching sustainability campaigns. Turning the talk and ideas into actions to tackle sustainability in our market would be crucial.

Trend 2: Talent acquisition and retention

There have been shifts in the workforce, with the great resignation in 2022, the rise of Gen Z, and the work environment transformed from office-based to home-based or hybrid working. The talent shortage has become a threat to business. 
At the same time, professionals considered their career options to be better this year compared to the year prior. And as Gen Z rises, their demands and work ethic are vastly different from the millennial generation. So how can companies create an environment that supports their growth in turn, help secure the talent needed for the future?

Trend 3: A shift in event technology

After two years of a spending spree on event tech as the pandemic changed how organizations engage with their audience, from in-person to virtual. We are now experiencing virtual fatigue, with fewer meetings expected to be hybrid, 29% of in America and 33% in Europe. Businesses re-evaluate their investment in technology and consolidate their tech stack. Virtual will remain, but how can technology support event organizers to deliver those important experiences to their audience?   

Trend 4: Diversity

Apart from culture, race, and gender perspectives, neurodiversity is taken into account in how to support everyone and have a more inclusive industry. 87% of the top event business actively strive to incorporate DE&I - Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion, into their meetings and events.

Trend 5: Data and insight

With 90% of event planners experiencing the cost of running an event increased by 30% on average, there is pressure to retain and increase event budgets to prove their value to the wider organization. Events often make the most significant part of a marketing budget, yet, with the least measurement, budget holders need to effectively measure event performance, using the right data and metrics to help win the arguments on return on time, experience, and investments for attendees.


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