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Made to Measure Episode 4

Hit a home run

What can we learn from the sports industry?

Made to Measure is a live series that delivers digestible event insight tailored for meetings and events professionals.

In the fourth episode of Made to Measure. Chloe and David joined forces to tap into cross-industry innovation, looking beyond the events industry to draw inspiration from the sports market to enhance event functions. 




What have I missed in the fourth episode?

The sports industry excels at creating bonds with its audience and building inclusive communities. Taking advantage of the latest technology, not shying away from innovations, and gamified their data to expand their audiences, developing loyalty and advocacy, thus generating revenues and ROIs. 


Three key learnings from the sports industry

Leveraging communities

"Community" invokes a sense of fellowship, commitment, and common bonds. 

Only so many industries can match the communities created by the sports industry. Sports fans are devoted to the teams they support, wheater to watch a live game in the arena or in a social venue to watch the game with their friends, most turning up in team merchandise showing the team sprint. Sports teams have created and commercialized their brands, creating inclusive communities and "fanhood" through aspiring sports stars and leaders.

Applying that to the world of events, we can create this idea of community by leveraging a shared passion or goal and even introducing role models or leadership. Threading that throughout every element of the event to boost loyalty, advocacy, and, thus, revenues and ROIs.

Harnessing digitalization

Technology is playing a larger role in our lives. Sports organizations are open to creating a new, innovative experience for their audiences. Partnering with broadcasters and other online distribution platforms has given fans experiences beyond their expectations, capturing viewership across devices. According to Deloitte, 40.7% of global sports fans now stream live matches through digital platforms. 

Sports organizations also increase investment in technology and work with entertainment providers to build more engaging experiences for fans. These strategies are deliberately designed to support the growth of younger audiences, breaking down barriers with innovative formats, access, and technology.

The events industry should tap into younger demographics like millennials and Gen Z as they are the core audiences of the future. Understand how they consume content and what interests them, and apply those to our on-demand or digital strategy leveraging technology innovations to capture our audience.

Analyzing sports science

When it comes to Sports analytics, not only are there athlete stats to keep track of their performance, but programs have been developed to discover undervalued talents, manage team efficiency, and even gamify data, providing player stats for fans to assemble their own "dream team."

In the realms of events, a wealth of data are here for us to put to good use. We know creating events is an art. However, analyzing their success is a science. We should use our data to assess our performance and make the necessary changes to improve that performance. 

Gamification is another key. Even for B2B trade shows, employees, or customer events. That doesn't mean it should be void of fun, the competitiveness of gamification to enhance our attendee experience and boost engagement. 

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