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Industry Resilience Study


Aims of the study

Explori, in partnership with UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, are inviting event organisers who have recently cancelled, postponed or gone virtual with their event, to participate in an international study. The study aims to understand the impact of these changes on visitors and exhibitors and identify best practice for future resilience.

This research will aim to identify a number of things, including:

  • The resilience of face-to-face events
  • The economic impact of business opportunities lost
  • The unrecoverable costs to visitors and exhibitors
  • The impact on brand equity of cancellation or postponement
  • How effective are virtual events at meeting customer objectives?
  • Any direction from our customers as to how any impact can be mitigated in future

There is no cost to participate in the research and you will receive a report of results own results, plus an industry-wide insight piece based on anonymised aggregated data.

Access to results

You will be provided with a report with the results for each of your affected shows. As a participant, you will also receive a copy of the full industry report, we anticipate this being available summer 2020. This will focus on wider trends and learnings - it will not identify any participating organisers or shows and will not make any individual shows identifiable. This report will also be made available to other stakeholders such as UFI (the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) who advocate and share best practices on behalf of the industry.


Research will be conducted via e-survey to visitors and exhibitors to affected events. Firstly we will ask you to confirm the following basic information about each of your affected events:

  • Event name
  • Original event date
  • Sector the event served
  • Whether it has been postponed, cancelled or gone virtual
  • The date on which the change was communicated to visitors and exhibitors

You will be provided with a survey for your visitors and a survey for your exhibitors on each affected event. The questions in the survey will reflect whether the event has been postponed, cancelled or has gone virtual. In addition it will include some common questions about the future of the wider sector.

If you have more questions please read through our FAQs section here.

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