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Made to Measure

Monthly live series of digestible event insight 

Monthly digestible event insight delivers to you by the event experts

Made to Measure, Explori's live series delivers a hit of digestible event insight directly into your ears once a month.

Hosted by Chloe Richardson, Alex Temple, Richard Kensett, and David Rudel. Made to Measure tackles some of the most common questions we receive from our clients and event professionals. It’s all part of our continued goal to serve the events industry.


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Events are Made to Measure. For the eventprofs who are interested in getting a better understanding of customer satisfaction, getting a grip on data strategy, and learning how to use event data to predict trends to improve their event programs. Our Made to Measure series is now available to catch up whenever you have time.


Episode 1: Survey Myth-Busting: How to get the most from your survey responses? 

In the first episode of Made to Measure, Alex and Chloe take a closer look at some common survey myths and using data. This aim to show why surveys are still the best way to understand your event attendees' experience. 


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Episode 2: What is Net promoter score, and why is it a little dangerous? 

In the second episode of the series, Alex and Richard lift the lid on Net Promoter Score, NPS, a metric that is commonly used by event teams around the world to measure their events, but what does it actually show us, and why can be a little dangerous for corporates or organizations to use it as the sole indicator for event performances.


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Episode 3: New year, new me-etings

In the third session of Made to Measure, Chloe and Alex examined the top five trends to look out for in 2023, using a range of industry sources and data to see what the new year might bring to the world of exhibitions, events, and meetings.


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Episode 4: hit a home run: what can we learn from the sports industry?

In the coming episode, Chloe and David will dip into the cross-industry phenomenon, looking beyond the event industry, drawing inspiration from the sports market that clearly understands how to appeal to its audience and develop communities for effective ways of driving strategic change within the events sector. 


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Episode 5: Turning survey data into actionable insights: How to use feedback effectively?

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools in the event planner's toolkit, but only if it is used efficiently. In this episode, Alex and David will dive into the world of post-event feedback. They'll look at methods to leverage survey data effectively, ways to close the feedback loop, and means to turn survey data into insight that you can use to enhance your event strategy. 



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Episode 6: Sales and surveys: what can sales teams do with attendee feedback?

Post-event survey data and attendee feedback are predominately managed and used by marketing or event teams. Sales teams don’t typically include feedback in their strategy or see it purely as a tactical exercise. But feedback holds a wealth of insight into customers, their future behavior and their relationship with the event and/or business, which makes it a great asset for sales teams. In This episode, Chloe and Richard draw on their event experience to highlight key things sales teams can learn from attendee feedback.

Date: TBC

Time: 🕒 30 Minutes

Hosts: Chloe Richardson and Richard Kensett



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Chloe Richardson


Alex Temple


Richard Kensett


David Rudel


Chloe Richardson Alex Temple Richard Kensett  David Rudel
VP Senior Corporate Relations Senior Corporate Relationship Manager Commercial Director Director of Association Events
c.richardson@explori.com a.temple@explori.com r.kensett@explori.com d.rudel@explori.com


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