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Global event heads unite

A focussed group of senior event leaders has today announced a new collaboration for the global events industry in the form of the Event Leaders Exchange (ELX).

This initiative is the brainchild of some large corporate leaders and is organized and facilitated by veterans Kimberly Meyer, David Kliman in partnership with Explori's own Chloe Richardson and Mark Brewster. Explori are delighted to be contributing insights and exclusive research to support the community. 

First meetings were held in September 2021 with a series of invitation-only think tanks to support c-suite event professionals navigating the evolution of events taking place post-pandemic.

ELX is a community of practice including sharing of industry research, networking, best practices and industry initiatives. To-date ELX members have held sessions on critical topics such as DEI and sustainability to find immediate and realistic paths forward that can be shared across corporations. Meetings are held throughout the year both in-person and via cross industry virtual sessions with all content, discussions and approach shaped by its impressive steering committee. The steering group features senior event leaders from the likes of McDonald’s, Microsoft, Siemens, Cisco Systems and Wolters Kluwer.

Commenting on his involvement with ELX, Stephen Rose, head of communication Services for Siemens commented:

"I am pleased to be part of ELX as this community gives senior corporate event leaders access to a wider network of their peers on a global level. This is an exciting opportunity for knowledge and best practice exchange. Already, the range of corporate participants is impressive and we're having genuinely productive conversations on critical industry topics. The next step we need to aim for is turning discussions into action to make a difference and shape the future of the industry."

Angie Ahrens, director of global events for MRI Software adds:

“I really love being part of the ELX, it’s an opportunity for all of us to get together and strategize for the future and create content for the now and tomorrow.”

In addition to the existing hot topics of DEI and sustainability, upcoming ELX sessions will centre around other pressing challenges such as people and culture and benchmarking. The group will also begin commissioning proprietary research and conducting benchmarking shortly. All conversations take place under the Chatham House Rule to promote open and honest discussions which members maintain is the key value unique to the network.

Kimberly Meyer, ELX co-founder says:

“ELX is clearly a place where the leaders of corporate programs can get candid insights, ideas and support from other leaders navigating major meeting and event portfolios. And together, we’ll be able to drive some important initiatives forward across the industry in weeks, not years. To do this effectively, ELX will remain invitation-only to corporate senior meeting & event leaders.”

For more information about ELX If you’d like to contact the team email