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Exhibitor Insight Report - Beyond the surface

The Exhibitor Insight Report investigated beyond the impact of the pandemic. This comprehensive research captured the sentiments of exhibitors from various industries and sizes, shedding light on the challenges ahead of the event industry.


Exhibitors valued trade shows as effective cross-marketing and sales channels for the ability to gather immediate feedback and gauge their audience's perceptions of their products or brands.


However, there has been budget pressure from senior leadership and rising costs. Unlike other marketing channels where data is accessible instantly, exhibitors find it challenging to demonstrate exhibit return on investment (ROI) to justify their spending. Exhibit professionals seek solutions and alternatives to cope with tightening resources. The risk of compromising the attendee experience looms large, threatening to create a downward spiral.


The report also underscores the significance of bridging the generational gap regarding data. Senior exhibitors prioritize demographic insights, while junior counterparts seek metrics like dwell time and engagement.


Collaborative efforts within the industry have become imperative to address the budget and data issues that we share. Amidst all challenges, a game-changing solution is developed in collaboration with prolific exhibiting companies, an exhibit analytics tool called Maxbi. A platform that helps exhibitors overcome the measurement gap, empowering them to predict better, justify event expenses, and demonstrate exhibit ROI. 


Watch Beyond the Surface: Exhibitor Insights Report

Watch Beyond the Surface webinar, presented by Exhibitor Insight, unveiling crucial perspectives on the exhibition industry.

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