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New Course on Event Data: Gain More Strategic Insights to Drive Wider Business Goals

This month sees the launch of a game-changing course for event professionals to elevate the strategic value of their events within their organizations. 

The Event Data Strategy Certificate, produced by Explori on behalf of the PCMA provides you with a playbook that will turn your in-person, hybrid, and digital event data into performance elevating insights. Get the practical, applicable skills you need to articulate business value with business event analytics.

Business event planners have more data available to them in today’s digital age, but often can’t harness its power to support strategic decision making. Furthermore, data often isn’t accessible without a large budget, ample time, and resources for bespoke research.  

The upshot: The right data often doesn't make it to the people who need it (or who can properly analyze it), which limits the impact of the data collected and the ability to stay in touch with what customers really need and how they perceive an event. 

This course will teach event professionals how to wrangle a wide range of data sources and analytical techniques to uncover not just the impact but the trajectory of their events

 Certificate holders will develop the skills needed to protect the longevity and legacy of their events by: 

  • Keeping a pulse on their customers' feelings, needs and actions 
  • Discovering opportunities to maximize value through a mix of qualitative and quantitative feedback 
  • Prioritizing those changes that will really impact the customer experience 
  • Communicate results to stakeholders clearly and persuasively

To find out more and to book your place on the course CLICK HERE

Hear from Sophie Holt, managing director here at Explori on what event professionals can expect from enrolling in this new PCMA course.