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IMEX optimises first-time visitor experience

Welcoming over 15,000 attendees, IMEX America aims to help meeting and event planners create powerful connections. Their objective for IMEX America 2019 was to better understand the experience of their visitors and exhibitors in relation to other events in the industry.

Explori are the largest provider of trade show benchmarks across measures that include. Net Promoter Score, overall satisfaction, loyalty, event importance and more. These metrics are anonymised and incorporated into Explori’s global benchmarking dataset which allows organisers to compare their own event scores against an industry benchmark.

IMEX GROUP traditionally used SurveyMonkey to measure the performance of their events however they wanted to understand how their scores on key metrics including Net Promoter Score compared to the industry. With over 3,000 trade shows in its dataset, Explori is able to provide organisers with global benchmarking data. This empowers organisers like IMEX GROUP to understand how they compare to competitors and provide insights into how they can improve their event to get and stay ahead. 

Download the IMEX case study here

Of the 3,000+ events Explori benchmark, IMEX America ranked in the 99th percentile for visitor satisfaction. This demonstrates that their visitor satisfaction places them in the top one percent of all the trade shows Explori measures. For exhibitor satisfaction they ranked in the top 16% of the Explori dataset. Visitor loyalty (as measured by likelihood of return) scored 4.11 and for exhibitors this was even higher at 4.40. Scores for visitor and exhibitor loyalty both came in higher than average for their industry.

Net Promoter Score is the measure of attendees who would recommend IMEX America to a colleague or a friend is ranked on a scale of -100 to +100. The industry average for trade show visitors recorded by Explori is +9 and for exhibitors -17. IMEX America scored +61 and +23 respectively. These findings supported IMEX’s understanding that they were delivering a strong event that catered to the needs of both its exhibitors and visitors. 

Filtering survey results revealed even deeper insights. The IMEX America team wanted to understand which attendees weren’t having the best experience and how they could improve this in 2020. 

Lottie Elson Associate Director of Marketing at IMEX GROUP said, “Explori’s research team flagged up an interesting theme in our post-show results. First time buyers had lower satisfaction scores than others in our attendee population.

By filtering the report based on this attendee profile we found that this audience wanted slightly different information on how to navigate and make the most of their time at the event. They also wanted opportunities to network with other first time visitors. This has been a very useful insight which we will be using to improve the experience of our first time visitor buyers in 2020.

And thanks to Explori’s intuitive platform we will be able to easily compare the satisfaction of first time visitor buyers in 2020 to our 2019 scores to see if we have succeeded in achieving our goal.”