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Introducing Maxbi: The Revolutionary Platform On Course to Transform Exhibit Performance Measurement

Today, sees the launch of Maxbi, our brand-new tool designed to empower corporate event organizers and exhibit marketers with a holistic understanding of their performance and returns from their participation in trade shows.


We’ve created Maxbi to revolutionize the way exhibit performance is measured and optimized.  


By combining Explori's deep understanding of the exhibitions industry with advanced data analytics and reporting capabilities, Maxbi empowers exhibit marketers with actionable insights to make informed decisions about strategy and spend to drive the success of their exhibit programs.


In developing the product, our team have collaborated with a working group of representatives from numerous prolific exhibiting companies, which included the likes of Cummins, Verizon, Bradley Corp, Formulaction and The Exhibitor Advocate, an organization that represents exhibit and field marketers. These organizations, who invest heavily in exhibitions, recognised the compelling need for a product like Maxbi to deliver structured, comparable data to deliver new intelligence for events professionals.


Our CEO Mark Brewster explains:  
"With Maxbi, we aim to solve one of the greatest challenges both the trade show industry, and exhibit marketers face - measurement."

“Our recent research shows that exhibitors’ inability to demonstrate event ROI to senior leadership is the greatest internal challenge after budget pressures. Whilst many senior leaders view trade shows as a valuable marketing channel, 30% are now unconvinced that they are essential. 

There continues to be a real friction caused by rising exhibit costs and the absence of data. This puts exhibit marketing at a real disadvantage when competing for budget with other marketing channels, which are often perceived to be more measurable.”


Find out more about what Maxbi can do for you and your exhibit programs.