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New data reveals visitor and exhibitor sentiment towards virtual events

Explori today announced the release of its virtual events benchmarks. Since March 2020 the customer experience experts have been gathering attendee and exhibitor experience metrics for virtual events. The benchmarks include Overall Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score. These benchmarks have been compared to the 3 million plus customer experience data points the event feedback company already holds on the in-person event experience.

Explori’s benchmarks reveal that attendee sentiment for virtual events is positive. Overall Satisfaction amongst attendees is higher for virtual events and webinars. The current Net Promoter Score for in-person trade shows currently sits at +11 compared to +10 for virtual events and +46 for webinars. 

In contrast, Explori’s benchmarks show that exhibitor sentiment for virtual events is not so positive. The Net Promoter Score for in-person trade shows is -17, for virtual events this figure has dropped to -48. Exhibitors also indicate that they are struggling to prove the return on investment for their participation in virtual events.

“What we are seeing from our virtual benchmarks and global research, paint quite an interesting picture for the virtual event experience,” says Sophie Holt, Managing Director at Explori. “The research tells us that attendees believe virtual events are as good as in-person events for delivering content. However for both attendees and exhibitors there is an overwhelming preference for face-to-face events when it comes to networking, overall experience and doing business. This is particularly pronounced for exhibitors whose main objective for participating is to generate new leads.This isn’t to say that virtual events cannot work for exhibitors. We’ve found that those who have been offered a dedicated sponsorship experience tend to view virtual events more favourably”

The full suite of Explori benchmarks including Overall Satisfaction, Likelihood of Return, Net Promoter Score & Value for Time are available by industry to clients only. To find out more about how to benchmark visitor and exhibitor experience for your virtual events click here.

About Explori: Explori is an event feedback platform which provides customer/attendee event experience insights for thousands of clients including exhibition organisers, conference organisers, corporate event professionals, and venues. Explori’s exhibitor and attendee feedback tools are built to measure both live and virtual events. With an in-house team of expert event researchers, measuring the impact of your events has never been so powerful, or so easy.