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How to monetize your virtual events

How can event organisers monetize their virtual events?

Evolve 2.0 hosted our Manging Director, Sophie Holt as an expert speaker to share the latest data-driven insights on how organisers can monetize their virtual events. Learn more in the video below.


Sophie shares that in order to have a conversation about monetization organisers must first assess the value their virtual events are providing to attendees. There are three ways to maximise the value driven by virtual events:

1. Data

In the above video, Sophie shares that organisers have access to a wealth of valuable data. This isn't solely limited to interactions that have taken place on the platform (i.e. connections, meetings, sessions attended etc). Organisers can also observe how attendees interact and journey through your content. This will help you understand what they are looking for and build some assumptions about what their challenges are. Collating this can provide the necessary context to pair attendees with relevant sponsors/exhibitors who can solve their problem.

2. Responsiveness

Unlike face-to-face events, virtual events can be organised within a few weeks. The agility of this event format allows organisers to be responsive to what is happening in their communities.

3. Niche content

From the exhibitor feedback we have gathered exhibitors are saying virtual events are good for generating lots of leads. This suggests exhibitors are benefiting from the increased reach of a virtual audience. However, they are struggling to get these leads to the qualification stage as they would at a face-to-face event. For organisers, this presents an opportunity to create hyper niche events/experiences within a larger virtual event that are targeted to your exhibitors' objectives.

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