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Watch the ‘Metric Gap’: Measuring the Impact of Events on Business Objectives

Originally created for Exhibition News ahead of International Confex

Explori, the leading metrics and benchmarking specialists to the events industry, are set to kick off the International Confex Keynote Theatre programme when the event returns to ExCeL London next week.

Hosted by Explori’s Associate Research Director, Guy Garside, and Relationship Manager, Alex Temple, "Measuring the Impact of Events on Business Objectives" will delve into the vital role that event data plays in helping event managers understand and demonstrate the impact of events programmes.

We spoke to Guy and Alex ahead of Confex to understand what event professionals can expect from this keynote session:

The must have metrics

Explori recently conducted corporate research in collaboration with in-house corporate event planner network ICE, and identified the ‘metric gap.’ One of the challenges facing event managers is capturing the must-have metrics needed to decipher value and the impact of events in delivering business objectives.

Speaking to these challenges, Alex explained:

“Measuring the impact an event has on wider business objectives has always been a challenge for planners. Anecdotal evidence or top line tactical surveys don’t give event managers the complete picture, yet we know 77% of organisers want the ability to benchmark event performance across their organisation.”

Benchmarking across areas such as attendees’ future behaviour and their changing opinions and feelings give organisers a much better understanding of the true value of their event in respect of the overall objectives such as lead generation or employee retention.

How to branch out

Due to the recent surge in virtual events, the availability of data is greater than ever before. Attendees to this session can expect the Explori team to cut through the jargon and breakdown the subsequent challenges attained from data overload, drawing particular attention to audience feedback data: the epicentre of event impact analysis.

By drawing on Explori’s highly respected Event Impact Playbook, the session will illustrate ‘how to leverage your event tech stack’, providing direction on how to layer data from different technologies to deepen your understanding of the attendee experience.

Analysing event impact

Explori will be breaking away from traditional methods of analysis by delving deeper into the potential of all the data sources at your disposal, such as engagement with content and connections made. Currently only one in five event organisers measure the impact of events on their attendees’ future behaviour and brand awareness, clearly indicating a misalignment between the organiser’s needs and the insight they currently have.

Focusing on a case study with a positive outcome, the session will tackle the relationship between event data and wider corporate goals. This practical and visual demonstration will provide attendees with an immersive session on how to track and improve event impact.

The takeaways

This session will explore ways of interpreting event data from various perspectives enabling event professionals to implement tangible objectives specific to their event in order to evaluate their current measurement process.

Relevant to event planners, agencies and event tech professionals, Guy and Alex will provide a thought-provoking session surrounding the direction of future event experiences: what data is out there and how can it be made to work harder? Attendees will leave with a greater understanding on how to assess their next event objectives with direction on how to propel forward into the strategies of the event world.

Missed the session at International Confex? Speak to a member of the Explori team to find out more.